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  Kevin Hartman has been in ministry for nearly a decade now. He currently serves as one of the Pastors at Kingdom Empowerment Ministries in Philadelphia, Pa. Kevin's journey started at Lovely Baptist Church in which served in various capacities throughout his duration there. Starting out as a Youth Leader, to an Associate Minister and most recently the Interim Pastor. He has a distinct love for people, preaching, teaching, outreach and an unapologetic advocate for mental health

   Kevin holds an Associate of Arts degree in communications from Montgomery County Community College and attended classes at Palmer Theological Seminary. He serves as a member of All One Body, an outreach ministry, and serves in countless other community service projects. Kevin is a passionate preacher of the Gospel and has had the distinct honor of speaking for churches, youth groups, mentor programs, businesses and non-profit organizations.

Kevin's sole desire is to impact and inspire every person he comes into contact with.

Kevin is available to speak at your Ministry, workshop, podcast and much more. 

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